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2016 Agenda Overview



Restaurants are the nation’s second-largest private sector employer. Our 14+ million employees represent about 10 percent of all working Americans, and nearly one in three Americans hold their first job in the restaurant industry. With labor costs representing about a third of the restaurant sales dollar, workforce issues such as health care are critical to restaurants as we work to recruit and retain our current and future workforce. 



Restaurants are largely small-business operations, with razor-thin margins and low profits per employee. Restaurants are economic drivers in every community, an important part of the tax base for cities, counties and states. Restaurateurs’ ability to operate profitably enables us to thrive, grow and give back to our communities. From tax reform to other topics, restaurant entrepreneurs care about the policy issues that affect the bottom line. 



Restaurants serve more than 130 million Americans every day. America’s restaurateurs support policies to enhance increase food and beverage safety and security and encourage informed consumer choices. From nutrition guidance to ensuring effective food-safety regulations, National Restaurant Association members take a proactive role in food policy.



Thousands of restaurants are taking steps toward becoming more sustainable operations, collaborating at every step of the supply chain to conserve energy, save water and reduce waste. 

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