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National Restaurant Association - Restaurant PAC

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Issues & Advocacy

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Restaurant PAC

Restaurant PAC Mission

The Restaurant PAC is a voluntary, non-partisan political action committee formed in 1977 to support and elect pro-industry and pro-business congressional candidates for federal office.

Did you know ...?

  • With 960,000 locations nationwide, America’s restaurants reside in every congressional district across the country.
  • As one of the nation's largest private sector employers—with more than 13 million employees—the restaurant industry represents almost 10 percent of those who voted in the 2008 presidential election.
  • Each additional $1 million in restaurant sales generates 34 more jobs for the nation’s economy.

The bottom line: With such an enormous impact, restaurateurs need to have a voice in Washington!

Who can participate in the Restaurant PAC?

Individual and non-corporate business members

The Restaurant PAC can ask for contributions from individual and non-corporate business members of the National Restaurant Association or our affiliated state restaurant associations. (This would include, for example, businesses operating as sole proprietorships, businesses operating as partnerships, businesses operating as LLCs that are treated as partnerships under tax law, student members, etc.)

Incorporated members

The Restaurant PAC can ask for contributions from the management, professional personnel and stockholders of incorporated members of the National Restaurant Association or affiliated state restaurant associations, only after the corporation has given prior written approval for the year in question. Prior approval may be given only by an authorized representative with whom the National Restaurant Association or the state association normally conducts association business. Representatives from our incorporated member companies can use an online form for this purpose.

How does the Restaurant PAC work?

The Restaurant PAC pools permissible resources from America’s restaurateurs. This enables the industry to support candidates for federal office who believe in and support pro-industry and pro-business policies.

How does the Restaurant PAC help meet the restaurant industry’s goals?

Government decisions impact every aspect of the restaurant industry. Federal legislation affects the way meals are prepared, served, enjoyed and paid for. Sound public policy begins by supporting and electing candidates to federal office who understand the restaurant industry and know that a healthy, robust restaurant industry translates into a stronger American economy.

How are Restaurant PAC contributions determined?

The Restaurant PAC is governed by a diverse committee comprised of 43 restaurateurs who represent all facets of the restaurant industry. The committee convenes several times throughout the year to determine the best opportunities for Restaurant PAC engagement and support.

The above information is provided for information purposes only.

To find out more about the Restaurant PAC and the participation guidelines, please contact Annie McEniry at amceniry@restaurant.org or (202) 331-5920.


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