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National Restaurant Association - Testimonials

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Industry Impact


"Thank you for all that's being done through your initiatives to try to help our kids live a healthier future, what works is what you're doing to feed kids and help them eat healthier. What works is cooperation."

"Kids have got to live well, and that’s where we’re going.They’re our future. Sysco, the NRA and Kids LiveWell; the independent operators [and] all the chain restaurants have to get onboard and help us make sure that kids eat healthy, exercise and understand about food."

“As a first step, all private sector institutions and large-scale food concessionaires that regularly serve children should adopt the National Restaurant Association’s Kids LiveWell standard.”



“Potential actions include…National Restaurant Association initiative, as major self-regulatory marketing efforts, adopting common marketing standards for all member companies, and actively recruit­ing additional members to increase the impact of improved food marketing to children and adoles­cents”


“Eating well -- especially when eating out -- is the road much less traveled in America today, by children and adults alike. Instead, it should be the path of lesser resistance! With this initiative, the National Restaurant Association and Healthy Dining are helping to pave that path, and make healthful eating more accessible to all. I commend them for this important contribution.”

  • David L. Katz, director, Yale University Prevention Research Center; editor in chief, Childhood Obesity

“We all know the statistics -- one in three children in this country is overweight or obese. Fortunately, some of the solutions to reverse this epidemic are pretty simple: Kids need to get more exercise; healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and whole grains must be offered regularly; and food portions need to be reduced. Additionally, economically disadvantaged children, who often live in ‘food deserts,’ need better access to healthy food. So it’s wonderful news that so many restaurants have agreed to take a positive first step by signing on to ‘Kids LiveWell’ and promising to add more healthy choices to their menus. Our kids deserve options.”


"This is a great start to help empower consumers -- kids and parents especially -- with more healthier choices at restaurants. This could provide a great push toward more healthier offerings at restaurants; we hope this is a trend toward new items and voluntary reformulations in reducing food components and nutrients that pose health concerns. And, the program’s intent is a good complement to the department’s MyPlate and Dietary Guidelines messages -- we need more choices to help shift eating patterns to healthier ones.”

  • Robert Post, deputy director, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion

“With over 12.5 million American children and adolescents obese, it’s clear that we need the private sector to come forward and make changes to help solve the obesity crisis. The National Restaurant Association’s announcement today introducing healthier food options to our nation’s children is clearly a step in the right direction. Only by making healthier eating easier and more affordable will we be able to combat the obesity epidemic, and I hope that this commitment is the beginning of more to come.”


"With more and more attention being paid to healthy eating, from the USDA’s MyPlate and now the National Restaurant Association’s ‘Kids LiveWell,’ children will have more tasty and delicious options highlighted when dining out. PMA and its members across the fruit and vegetable sector applaud the National Restaurant Association on this outstanding new program. It’s no surprise that increased servings of fruits and vegetables top the list for the program’s guidelines. ‘Kids LiveWell’ is another boost for the Foodservice 2020 initiative we've created together to double consumption of fruits and vegetables this decade. What pleases me just as much is that this program really shows government and industry working together to ensure our children eat healthier and tasty meals, while providing clear guidance to parents for meals at home or dining out."


"Today, nearly a third of America’s children are overweight or obese, and that means each of us needs to do our part to help reverse this epidemic. Having more nutritious options and clearer nutritional information about the foods we eat is one key to the kind of change that’s needed to enable Americans to eat more healthfully, and to support the nation’s journey to a healthy weight. The Campaign commends the work of the National Restaurant Association and those restaurants that are taking steps to equip American families with the tools they need to make healthful choices while dining out through the ‘Kids LiveWell’ program.”


"As a mom, I was excited to learn about this new program that will make it much easier for my family to make healthier choices when eating out. I want to give a big thank you to the restaurants that are leading the way to help families enjoy eating out in a healthier way. Through the CityMommy network, we will be able to educate moms across the nation about the ‘Kids LiveWell’ program and the restaurants offering the healthier kids meals.”

  • Jill Berry, CityMommy contributor

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