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National Restaurant Association - All Operations Articles

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All Operations Articles

Front-of-House Articles

4 steps to successful curbside pick-up

Curbside pick-up is becoming an increasingly popular option to drive business growth. If you’re considering starting a curbside pick-up service, or you have one in place, follow these best practices for curbside success.

Delicious by design

Your restaurant’s dining room design is an essential part of your brand image and can make or break your business. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or remodeling, here are some tips on how to stand out from the crowd.

Listen up: Tips for reducing noise in your restaurant

Operational noise from side-station clatter to ventilation can negatively affect your carefully planned ambience. Reduce unwanted sounds and improve your customer’s dining experience by following these suggestions.

Say good-bye to no-shows

“No-shows” chip away from profit margins by taking a table from a potentially interested customer. Confirming reservations, stating a clear cancelation policy and rewarding reservations can all help you boost your bottom line.

Soft openings: Practice makes perfect

A soft opening can help work out the initial restaurant kinks and build a stronger product. Take a look at how two restaurants executed their soft openings.

Restaurant renovations: Does your facility need a facelift?

Renovating your space every 5 to 7 years can help keep your facility relevant and your customers interested. To help you get the ultimate return on your investment, track the trends, define your target market and establish your restaurant’s personality.

Help customers in a choking emergency at your restaurant

With over 3,000 Americans dying each year from choking, it is important for you to train your staff to deal with a choking accident. Educate them on some common causes and ensure they are able to recognize an emergency situation.

Regulatory/back office Articles

Evolve or die – identify where you are on the digital journey

Today’s consumers now Discover, Evaluate, Buy and Engage in purchase decisions differently than they did before. Whether it’s accepting digital payments or enhancing your loyalty program, your restaurant needs to take advantage of the digital tools consumers use. 

Back-of-House Articles

Be proactive with restaurant pest management

Maintaining a clean, pest-free environment is an ongoing task for restaurant owners and operators. Schedule regular pest inspections and hone in on these three factors to stay ahead of critters.

To franchise or not to franchise: Gauging your next step

Thinking about growing your restaurant business? According to iFranchise CEO and 2015 National Restaurant Association Hotel-Motel Show educational session speaker Mark Siebert, you should create a win-win plan before setting out to franchise.

Measuring food waste can bolster your bottom line

Are your hard-earned dollars going out with the trash or getting lost in the compost pile? The CEO of LeanPath, a Conserve sponsor that specializes in food waste prevention, shares how tracking food waste can increase profits.

Wrap your arms around big data

Big data isn’t as big as it sounds. Everything your restaurant does creates data – you just have to find a way harness it.

Does it pay to buy used equipment?

Buying used commercial foodservice equipment can save you a bundle in the short term. But is it a good investment? Tackle these 10 questions before deciding whether to buy new or used.

Open kitchens take center stage

It’s been said that running a restaurant is like putting on a show. Today’s dining experience is more theatrical than ever, with the trend toward open kitchens that let guests watch all the action.

Alternative Venues Articles

9 tips for opening a food truck

From big cities to small towns and burgers to bánh mì, food trucks are becoming mainstream. According to National Restaurant Association's 2017 State of the Industry Report, more than four in 10 casual-dining, quickservice and fast-casual operators believe food trucks will become more popular.

Test new ideas with pop-up restaurants

Pop-up restaurants are mini-restaurants that temporarily operate in parks, plazas, galleries, warehouses, event centers and larger restaurants. Pop-up restaurateurs and their followers use blogs, Twitter and other social networks to inform people about the pop-ups. Some announce dining events just hours before they take place, and they often sell out.

Food trucks: the wheel deal

The food truck trend is continuing full throttle with 19 percent of fast casual restaurants saying they are somewhat to very likely to launch one in the next couple of years. Before hitting the road for yourself, take your venture on a test ride, learn your city’s parking regulations and develop a limited menu.

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