Tools & Solutions

We’ve invested significant time and effort developing and vetting a variety of tools and support systems to help you manage and grow your business.  The National Restaurant Association’s training programs are designed to help our members minimize risk and simplify complex safety and regulatory issues.  And our partnership network enables our members to leverage the size and influence of the NRA while also feeling secure that the product has been vetted and is best-in-class for the industry.

Marketing & Sales

To understand your guests, drive profitable traffic and stay on brand, the NRA brings you proven products and services that are uniquely tailored to the restaurant industry. Learn more about these solutions with special member discounts below. ...

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Food & Nutrition

Check out these comprehensive solutions designed to address all your establishment's food and nutrition needs.  From healthful kids meals to food and alcohol safety training, these solutions and their NRA discounts will help get you st...

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We connect you with proven solutions to keep your establishment running smoothly from open to close.  Whether you're looking to process payments, set up an online ordering system or simply light your restaurant, these products and serv...

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Workforce Management

Whether it's your first hire or your first restaurant, you'll want to build and support a team that makes service its top priority.  The NRA brings you first-rate workforce management solutions to help you do just that.

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American Express Business Insights

The National Restaurant Association has partnered with American Express for over 20 years to bring programs like the Restaurant Neighbor Award to the industry.  American Express has a long history of providing innovative solutions to help m...

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Fishbowl is the leading provider of online marketing software and services to the restaurant industry. Fishbowl’s easy-to-use solutions help restaurants of all sizes manage critical guest marketing services, including Email Marketing, Soc...

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As the preferred partner of the National Restaurant Association, GuestMetrics is proud to offer NRA & SRA members exclusive benefits. GuestMetrics enterprise reporting tools connect your business to the reporting resources you need to effec...

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MarcomCentral®, a leading marketing asset management platform from PTI Marketing Technologies®, provides an intelligent system for corporate marketers in the restaurant industry to share customizable yet brand compliant marketing assets...

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