That’s where we come in, the National Restaurant Association, along with our State Restaurant Association partners, is on the ground in the nation’s capital and nationwide expertly championing the industry and your business interests.

We shape public opinion through social and digital media efforts, influencer campaigns, PR earned media exposure, and grassroots mobilization.

We’re making sure elected officials and other key decision-makers understand and are ready to support our positions before proposals become law.

We’re in court, challenging or defending laws and regulations that affect your business.

Influencing opinions & outcomes on …

  • Workforce matters        
  • Immigration policy
  • Health care
  • Overtime
  • Joint employer
  • Minimum wage regulations
  • Scheduling restrictions
  • Nutrition and environmental matters
  • Food safety and supply chain
  • Menu labeling
  • Packaging
  • Business and financial matters
  • Taxes
  • Debit swipe-fee protections
  • Data security
  • Legal matters
  • ADA lawsuits
  • Tip pooling
  • Menu labeling enforcement
  • Class-action waivers

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