Do you know all the places your restaurant’s data can be compromised?

Are you aware of the next steps your company would take immediately after a data breach?

Where is your business at risk due to hacking and customer data vulnerabilities?

In Cybersecurity 101: A Toolkit for Restaurant Operators, we shared action-oriented information about the five key elements of an enterprise-wise cybersecurity system for your restaurant company. In Cybersecurity 201: The Next Step, we share a framework for implementing organizational change to protect against cyber crime.

What you learn from the Cybersecurity 201 guide:
When implemented, this framework provides an actionable structure for restaurant owners and operators. Learn how to identify organizational vulnerabilities and take comprehensive steps toward more secure data.

What you get from the Cybersecurity 201 guide:
Action steps within each of the five areas of cybersecurity planning:

  • Identify
  • Protect
  • Detect
  • Respond
  • Recover

Download now: Cybersecurity 201: The Next Step

By downloading and implementing this framework, you’re helping to protect your operation and by extension, the entire restaurant industry. Come back to this page to stay updated on the latest resources and information.

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