MarcomCentral®, a leading marketing asset management platform from PTI Marketing Technologies®, provides an intelligent system for corporate marketers in the restaurant industry to share customizable yet brand compliant marketing assets. MarcomCentral is a powerful local store marketing platform. Restaurant managers, franchisees, and other authorized users are empowered with real-time access to everything from flyers and direct mailers to intelligent email campaigns, seasonal signage and promotional goods. But, MarcomCentral goes beyond providing a portal for up-to-date sales and marketing materials. MarcomCentral’s intelligent customization and personalization options allow users to create hyper-local communications that resonate with local audiences. Within the portal, users can also share ideas (and assets) that are working in the field using integrated collaboration tools. Corporations can also use their MarcomCentral portal to connect approved vendors, providing a one stop shop for all marketing goods and distribution. For more information about MarcomCentral, visit Or call (800) 220-1727 for a free demo.