Dave Jones
Co-founder, Blazing Onion Restaurant Group
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May 15, 2019

In this episode of the Fast Casual Insider podcast, host Jerry White is joined by Blazing Onion Restaurant Group CEO and co-founder David Jones. Dave talks with Jerry about employee relations, the hybrid fast-casual concept, and delivery innovation.

  • [01:20] - David's journey to co-founder of the Blazing Onion Restaurant Group
  • [02:30] - Combining a full-service lounge with a fast-casual restaurant
  • [04:28] - How David and his wife, Lorri Jones, started Blazing Onion
  • [08:08] - What influences what goes on their menu
  • [09:02] - The role third-party delivery services play in disrupting the fast-casual industry
  • [12:55] - Operating Subway restaurants compared to opening Blazing Onion
  • [13:55] - Launching a restaurant during a recession
  • [15:39] - Experience evolving a menu during a restaurant's life
  • [17:51] - David's experience with the Fast Casual Industry Council
  • [22:00] - Robotics, automation and technology
  • [23:58] - Restaurant culture
  • [25:43] - The future of Blazing Onion

David Jones is the CEO & Co-Founder of the Blazing Onion, opening his 1st Blazing Onion in March of ’07 in the Greater Seattle Market. He is married to Lorri Jones, his CFO & Business Partner. The Blazing Onion profiles both a fast-casual plus restaurant as well as our full service Sports & Whiskey Lounges, making them a hybrid in the evolving fast casual segment. The menu is about all natural fresh local ingredients with recipes made from scratch at each individual location. They have been recognized by QSR magazine as “Ones to Watch” and ranked #25 by Fast Casual magazine in its “Top 100, Mover’s and Shakers”.

Our host, Jerry White, has worked in operations, in foodservice distribution, and then in media sales, holding top sales and management positions with several leading food media companies during the past 35+ years. Jerry joined the team at Plate magazine in early 2010 as associate publisher and continues in that role providing solutions and opportunities for manufacturers and organizations as they anticipate tomorrow’s industry challenges.

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Episode produced by Dante32.