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If you're looking for a job in the restaurant industry, you've made a smart choice. The restaurant industry offers career opportunities within the industry and beyond.

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Explore positions within the food industry, including kitchen, server, front and back-of-house careers.

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The restaurant industry is a path to success for men and women of all backgrounds.

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Why restaurants?

Restaurants provide fundamental skills: Teamwork, time management and customer service are skills that stay throughout careers within the industry and beyond. Learn more about how we help you build skills.

Advancement opportunities: Ninety percent of people in salaried restaurant positions today started as hourly workers. Visit the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation to learn more.

Inclusion and diversity: The restaurant industry offes a path to success for men and women of all ethnicities and backgrounds.


Hard work pays off

Just ask our employees: Seventy-eight percent of crew members and 82 percent of dishwashers/bus persons say restaurants provide an opportunity for people who want to succeed based on their own hard work. Restaurant jobs allow employees to dictate how much or how little they work and have control over their earnings and schedules.

One of every three Americans claim restaurants as their first jobs

Part-time, entry-level work is important and fills a critical need in the workforce. It provides additional income and flexibility for people trying to balance their careers with family responsibilities, or as a way to remain involved in their communities.

Most hourly employees are students with irregular schedules, teenagers saving for school, or parents and caregivers who need a job with flexible hours that fit their busy lives. Overall in the restaurant industry, 28 percent of employees are students.

Are you a student? Learn more about career, education and scholarship opportunties from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.